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Florida College students rally against election changes

While the presidents of Florida's colleges were telling state leaders what was on their minds, a slew of their students rallied in the state Capitol about changes to election laws.



The Florida College System Student Government Association thinks recent limits put on the number of early voting days disenfranchise students.


"Our lives are very hectic and busy," said the group's president, Sarah Pemberton. "The best way to describe a student is C-C-C, car to class to car. There is no time in between to do many of things our community members can do."

They also disagree with a rule that eliminates same-day voter registration and forces voters who register at the poll to use provisional ballots. Also unfair, Pemberton said, is moving up Florida's primary date; Aug 14 is before classes begin, she said, and many students are not back on campus. 

"That limits an entire class of people, Pemberton said.

The voting changes were approved by lawmakers last year. The students are hoping a bill filed this year in the Senate will rectify some of their grievances. That bill would expand the list of early voting sites and the hours the sites are open.

"As a student, I often hear that students don't vote," Pemberton said. "I have found that's not true... We are your future."

-- Aria Aaron and Kim Wilmath