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Grover Norquist stops by the Capitol

Antitax crusader Grover Norquist dropped in Tallahassee Thursday for a meeting with Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and a speech at the Florida Center-Right Coalition meeting.

Buzz spotted him waiting for his meeting in the lobby of Gov. Rick Scott's office in the Capitol.

He met with Carroll a year ago because she had suggestions for Center-Right leadership, he said (there are Center-Right meetings throughout 48 states, he added). Thursday's meeting was a follow-up. He did not meet with Scott because they spoke at CPAC last weekend.

We asked what he thought of Scott's job performance.

"General progress," Norquist said. "He's keeping taxes down. Forty-five states followed his lead last year in not raising taxes and instead reducing spending."

And Carroll?

"She's done a good job. I saw her on the campaign trail. I think she's a great spokesman and a serious hard worker."

The Times profiled Norquist in September.