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Hasner! gets the endorsement of Jeb!

Senate candidate-turned Congressional candidate Adam Hasner scores a big endorsement, Jeb Bush, former Republican governor simply campaigned as Jeb! His endorsement in a GOP primary is a big deal. Any other Republicans planning to run now need to ask themselves if it's worth it.

From a press release:

Boca Raton, FL - U.S. House candidate Adam Hasner today announced that he has received the endorsement of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

In announcing his endorsement, Jeb Bush said the following: "I am proud to endorse my friend Adam Hasner for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 22.  Adam has a passion for reform and for common-sense conservative solutions, and he will take that passion to a Washington that is certainly in need of both. 

"The challenges America faces grow each and every day, and we need representatives that share Adam's commitment to principle, his dedication to government accountability and his proven record in working for his community. 

"Adam served Palm Beach and Broward counties with distinction in the state legislature, and I know he will continue to do so in the U.S. House."

Adam Hasner said, "I am deeply honored by the support and endorsement of my friend Governor Jeb Bush.  He stands as one of the greatest governors of our time for good reason: his passion for education, his commitment to reform, and his record of fostering economic growth is second to none. It was an honor to work with him when I represented Palm Beach and Broward counties in the Florida Legislature and I am proud to have Jeb on my side in the race ahead."