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Pro-Mitt Romney super PAC makes it rain in South Florida

Mitt Romney has found some of his campaign's biggest financial supporters in South Florida.

Restore Our Future, a political-action committee supporting Romney's presidential bid, received almost $4 million in contributions from Florida companies and donors in 2011, according to records filed with the Federal Elections Commission this week.

One of the most generous donors to the pro-Romney PAC was Miguel "Mike" Fernandez, chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners, a Coral Gables private-equity firm. Fernandez donated $500,000 in his name, and another $500,000 through a company, records show.

The PAC received another $100,000 from Anthony Taber of Coral Gables, the director of the equity firm H.I.G. Capital, and his wife. Developer Armando Codina, one-time business partner of former Gov. Jeb Bush, also donated $25,000 to the committee, records show.

The PAC also received $1 million from billionaire conservative activist William Koch and his energy company, Oxbow Carbon. Koch lives in Palm Beach.

Another $200,000 came from Paul Tudor Jones, the chairman of the Everglades Foundation. Jones, a New York private-equity manager, has a home in Islamorada. Overall, Restore Our Future raised more than $30 million in 2011, records show.