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Unusual flier lands at senators' doorsteps

Update: The flier in question was distributed by Ron Sachs Communications, which represents Automated Healthcare Solutions. The flier didn't have Sachs's name on it because it was an unaltered reproduction of the Sunshine State News article, he said. 

An unusual flier landed at the office door of several senators today.

It has the logo of Sunshine State News plastered across the top and an editorial opposing SB 668, which would restrict the price physicians can charge workers comp patients for repackaged drugs.

At first glance, the two-sided, glossy pamphlet appears to have been delivered by Sunshine State News, whose reporters have press credentials and are not registered lobbyists.

But Sunshine State News Executive Editor Nancy Smith says no. 

She said the news organization, openly conservative leaning, delivered black-and-white printouts of a different editorial to legislators Friday, but didn't have anything to do with the glossy pamphlet.

"I truly have no idea," she said. "And I don't mind the publicity."

She added that Sunshine State News was not paid to distribute the black-and-white printouts, and that the paper was merely trying to promote its better editorials.

So, if Sunshine State News wasn't behind the fancy flier, who was?

A lobby group that forgot to sign its name?

In this case, there may be no choice but to TP this issue.