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'Cannonized' Speaker gets portrait on House floor


Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, R- Winter Park, left,  kisses his wife Ellen as his daughter Katherine, 7, and son Dean III, 9, applaud after Cannon's House portrait, right, was unveiled Tuesday.

 Though his reign over the Florida House of Representatives will end this year, House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, will continue to watch over the 120-member chamber for the next 100 years.

With his family looking on, Cannon’s portrait was unveiled on the floor of the Florida House. Surrounded by his three children and his wife, he said he was anxious to bring this year's session to a close and return to his home district.

“I usually think of portraits as deceased people of antiquity,” he said, before his picture was placed above the floor of the House, where it is expected to remain for decades. 

Cannon is a former student body president of the University of Florida and was first elected to the House in 2004. A successor to Sen. Marco Rubio and congressman Tom Feeney, Cannon is a rare House Speaker who is not currently seeking higher office.

Cannon was given a Beretta 686 shotgun, as a parting gift. He thanked his staff, several members of the House, and two of the three governors he has served under.

He also used the opportunity to take a shot at former Gov. Charlie Crist, stating that the one-term governor taught him “what a politician should not be.”

Gov. Rick Scott was in attendance.

Cannon ended the brief speech amidst an ongoing round of applause. As the clapping continued, Cannon told his colleagues:. "I'm approaching my emotional capacity to look cool."




The portrait of Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, R- Winter Park, was hung in the House, Today.




Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon, R- Winter Park, center, makes a video with his phone at the House rostrum, as his daughters Katherine, 7, left, and Sarah, 5, right, look on, Monday before his portrait was unveiled.




As a parting gift from members of the Florida House, Speaker Dean Cannon, R- Winter Park, was given a Beretta 686 shotgun, Today. 

[Photos by: Scott Keeler, Times]