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Fasano: 'God bless you, Crash Test Dummies'


 Three crash dummies representing, a business-backed group that cites "out-of-control lawyer fees" as a major PIP abuse  greet Senator Mike Fasano, R- New Port Richey, Tuesday outside of the Senate chamber. "God bless you guys," said Fasano. [Scott Keeler, Times]


 As the Senate prepared to debate a bill to combat car insurance fraud in the PIP program, three men dressed as crash test dummies cruised through lawmakers' offices on Tuesday. The dummies' visit is always one of the legislative session's most interesting photo-ops, as they handed out fliers promoting the agenda of, a business-backed group that cites "out-of-control lawyer fees" as a major PIP abuse. Backers include Associated Industries of Florida, insurance agents, sheriffs and the James Madison Institute. 

The dummies introduced themselves to Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, who offered his standard greeting: "God bless you guys," he said.