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Historic redistricting fight leads to historic scramble for House seats

As the Florida Legislature finished its historic special session and sent a revamped redistricting map back to the state Supreme Court Tuesday, another kind of history was being made.

Dozens of state House members were voluntarily house hunting, running for a different office, or planning to sit out the next legislative session to avoid a match-up with another lawmaker.

Republican James Grant filed papers Tuesday to run in a Pinellas-Hillsborough district that will force him to leave his current Carrollwood home. Rep. Perry Thurston, the incoming Democratic leader, planned to move in with his mom. Republican Eddy Gonzalez planned to rent in the Hialeah neighborhood where he grew up. And Rep. Scott Plakon of Longwood was ready to move in with his adult son a town over.

"It's historic,'' said Rep. Will Weatherford, the Wesley Chapel Republican and incoming House speaker who led the House's redistricting effort. "It's the first time in the nation this many members have been drawn into the same districts where it wasn't a court order." Keep reading here.

Here's the list of the House match-ups:

Jacksonville: Republicans Mike Weinstein and Charles McBurney were drawn into District 16. Weinstein will run for Senate
West Palm Beach: Democrats Joe Abruzzo and Mark Pafford were drawn into District 86. Abruzzo will run for Senate
Lake Worth: Democrats Jeff Clemens and Mack Bernard were drawn into District 88. Clemens will run for Senate.
Tampa: Republicans James Grant and Shawn Harrision were drawn into District 63. Grant filed to run for a neighboring open seat in District 64.
St. Petersburg: Republicans Larry Ahern and Jim Frishe as well as Democrat Rick Kriseman were drawn into District 69. Frishe will run for Senate; Kriseman is considering running for mayor of St. Petersburg.
Broward: Democrats Elaine Schwartz and Perry Thurston were drawn into District 99. Thurston to run for adjoining open seat.
North Florida: Republicans Brad Drake and Marty Coley were drawn into District 5. Drake sitting out for two years until Coley is term limited out.
Orlando: Republicans Eric Eisnaugle and Stephen Precourt and Democrat Geraldine Thompson were drawn into District 44. Thompson is running for Senate. Eisnaugle considering sitting out for two years.

Longwood: Republicans Scott Plakon and Chris Dorworth were drawn into District 29. Plakon to move to adjoining open district.
Jacksonville: Democrats Reggie Fullwood and Mia Jones were drawn into District 14. Fullwood to move to an adjacent district.
Broward: Democrats Joe Gibbons and Evan Jenne were drawn into District 100. Jenne will run for Broward County Commission.
Miami: Democrats Daphne Campbell, John Patrick Julien and Barbara Watson were drawn into District 107. Campbell will run in District 108 and Julien and Watson will run in District 107. 

Hialeah: Republicans Eddy Gonzalez and Jose Oliva were drawn into District 110. Gonzalez to move to neighboring open district where he grew up.
Miami: Republicans Jose Felix Diaz and Ana Rivas Logan were drawn into District 116. They will compete for the seat.
Sarasota: Republicans Doug Holder and Ray Pilon were drawn into District 71. Holder will run for open district in Venice.
Lakeland: Republicans Seth McKeel and Kelli Stargel were drawn into District 40. Stargel to run for Senate.
Sources: Individual members, Republican and Democratic caucus leaders