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Legislative record to date: 57 days in session, 87 bills passed, 1331 bills dead

It's the 58th day of the 60-day session and the countdown clock has started. The Senate is working through lunch today to get through its lengthy calendar while the House -- which has already passed nearly four times as many bills as the Senate -- plans to adjourn early this afternoon.

It all adds up to a graveyard moment for legislation, and a year in which the House and Senate are poised to pass perhaps some of the fewest bills in recent history. A bad budget climate, and the uncertainty of redistricting maybe are contributing factors. Distrust and disarray in the Florida Senate may also be playing a role.

Here are the stats: lawmakers have passed 87 bills from both chambers, the governor has signed 8 of them. The number of bills that have died because they never got out of the session: 1331 by our count. Another 269 await approval because they're either on the House or Senate calendar. Meanwhile, legislators have spent time passing a whooping 93 ceremonial resolutions -- most of them honoring people and things and telling Congress what they think.