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Obama administration to promote manufacturing and exports in Miami

U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson will travel to Miami on Friday to meet with Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and local business leaders. They'll be talking about how the private and public sector can "work together to expand exports and create jobs,"the mayor's office said.

Among their destinations: Pavilion Furniture, a company that's working with the Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service to expand the reach of the product it exports. Other business leaders participating in the discussion include Mike Buzzella, President and CEO of Pavilion Furniture; Raj Rangaswamy, President of Target Engineering; and Luis Arguello, CEO of DemeTech.

Target Engineering, an engineering services firm, will be among the companies on Commerce Department trade mission to India at the end of the month. Bryson will lead that mission. 

DemeTech Corporation, which makes surgical sutures and blades, has previously joined a Commerce Department trade mission to Saudi Arabia. Arguello was among the business leaders who joined President Barack Obama in an Oval Office ceremony for the signing of the U.S. Korea trade agreement, which goes into effect this week.