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White House: The president "clearly had some thoughts" about Trayvon Martin "as a parent"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that President Barack Obama weighed in today on the Trayvon Martin case simply because he was asked about it during a press event.
"This has been a major news story, as you know, and so he was certainly prepared to answer a question if he were to get one," Carney said. "It is also true that some of you have asked me over recent days whether or not the President was aware of the incident, what he thought about it, and I chose not to talk about private conversations.  But as you could tell from the answer the President gave, obviously he is aware of it, was aware of it, and has thought about it.  And he shared his thoughts on the case today with you."

"He was certainly -- had thought about it, was aware of what's happening with regard to it in terms of the investigation locally, by local law enforcement, the task force now that's been established by the governor of Florida, as well as the Department of Justice's investigation," Carney said. "So given all that, it was inevitable probably that he would be asked about it, so he was -- he had thought about it and was prepared to answer that question when he got it."

He could have avoided the question, Carney said, "but he felt -- he did have some have thoughts on the matter.  He made clear at the top of his comments the importance he attaches to not -- to being careful about it because of the investigations that are ongoing. But he clearly had some thoughts about it as a parent and expressed those to you today.  So I think you -- I’m not going to elaborate on what the President said because I think he spoke pretty eloquently about it."

Carney also said he's not aware whether the president will call Trayvon's parents.