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Wrong Way Rubio targets Florida's Jr. senator

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Progress Florida and Florida Watch Action today launched, to highlight what they call Rubio's "extreme positions, numerous ethical lapses, and the "wrongway" he’s trying to lead our nation" at a time when the leading vice presidential contender is aggrressively cultivated a positive and outsized national profile.

"Sen. Rubio is moreinterested in his personal ambitions than in doing what’s best for Floridiansand our nation," said Mark Ferrulo, Executive Director of Progress Florida. " exposes his long track record of hypocrisy, ethical lapsesand out of touch issue positions.

"As Marco Rubio continueshis aggressive public relations campaign to burnish his image, cuts through the rhetoric and shows where he really stands onissues important to Floridians and Americans," said Ferrulo.

"In just the last few weeks, Sen. Rubio hasworked to restrict women’s access to birth control and opposed legislationrequiring that BP’s oil spill fines actually go to the states most affected bythe disaster," said Amy Ritter, Research Director for Florida Watch Action. "'Wrong Way' is probably being too kind in describing how out of touch theSenator really is."

Posted by Adam C. Smith