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Connie Mack's gas prices-are-too-damn-high letter to President Obama


MIAMI - With gas prices soaring to over $4 a gallon in Florida this week, Congressman Connie Mack sent an open letter to President Obama upon his latest visit to Tampa today:
Dear Mr. President:
In the Tampa area today, regular gas is priced at the Sunoco on North 22nd is $4.09 and $4.19 at Bollinger on Tyrone in St. Petersburg. The price of gas has now soared to well over $4 a gallon in Florida, and is poised to climb even higher because your energy policy has failed the American public.

Instead of supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline that would create jobs and improve America’s energy security, your lack of a commonsense energy policy is failing the American people and keeping us beholden to the likes of Hugo Chavez and others. That’s wrong.
Your policies have given us Solyndra. They’ve given us half a pipeline to and from nowhere. It’s an embarrassment. That’s not a pipeline, it’s a pipe dream.
Worse yet, Florida’s own Senator Bill Nelson has done your bidding to kill the pipeline at your personal request and to support your energy ideas at every turn.
Mr. President, your policies have failed.  Your own State Department, not once, but twice, found minimal environmental impact to building the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Yet despite clear facts, and the thousands of good jobs that would be created, you politicized the Pipeline to appease your political base.
Enough is enough. We must do all we can to help the people, and now.  The people of Florida want you and Senator Nelson to do something that will actually make a difference. They want you to build the Keystone XL Pipeline without any more delays and without any more excuses.
Member of Congress