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DREAM Act-er lauds Rubio's DREAM Act, raps Democrats for playing politics

Ruben Navarette Jr., an often-critical analyst of Sen. Marco Rubio's policies and stances (or lack thereof) on immigration, says the Florida vice-presidential shortlister might be on to something by proposing a small step in helping some (but not many) illegal immigrants attain legal residency (though not guaranteed) citizenship.

In short: Bad news for Democrats, who have made the more-expansive DREAM Act, which Rubio has bashed for allowing too much "amnesty," into a cudgel to batter Republicans when it comes to the Hispanic vote.

From Navarette's CNN column:

You may have heard that a group of Republicans in Congress -- including GOP rock star and possible vice presidential pick Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida -- are getting ready to introduce their version of the DREAM Act.You also may have heard that Democratic lawmakers and liberal advocacy groups despise the Republican alternative and derisively label it "DREAM Act Lite."

As someone who has written about immigration for more than 20 years and hammered Democrats and Republicans (including Rubio) when appropriate, I call the GOP approach to the DREAM Act something else: A common sense solution. It could break a stalemate and improve millions of lives. And it could only be opposed for ugly partisan reasons.

While it's not perfect -- and no piece of legislation is -- it is better than nothing, which is all the critics have been able to offer, even when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.

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