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Hispanic caucus chair: Ozzie Guillen's Castro comments 'appalling,' 'insulting'


Mr. David P. Samson


Miami Marlins
501 Marlins Way
Miami, FL 33125

Dear Mr. Samson,

As a Cuban-American State Senator and Miami Marlins season ticket holder, I write this letter to you today with great disdain towards the recent statements made by Miami Marlins Manager, Ozzie Guillén.  Mr. Guillén’s statements regarding the Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro, are not only appalling, but also insulting to the Cuban-American exiled community and all freedom loving people.

The Miami Marlins have become a symbol of the progress and greatness of this community.  Around the country, people see the new Miami Marlins as an extension of the unique Hispanic community in South Florida, predominantly consisting of Cuban-Americans who fled Communist Cuba in the early 1960’s in search of a sanctuary against political persecution.  Many families endured much sacrifice to start all over again in a foreign country where they can live in peace, free from tyranny.  The vast majority of my constituents are comprised of Cuban exiles, including my parents who fled from Fidel Castro’s communist regime in 1969; having experienced approximately ten years of living under a tyrannical and murderous regime.

What I also consider disturbing is the fact that the Miami Marlins received tax dollars from this community, including Cuban-American exiles, to fund the construction of the new stadium.  As a result, I expect your organization to honor the commitment it has made to this community by taking a strong position against Mr. Guillén.  I understand his statements are not reflective of the Miami Marlins organization; however, I feel it is the responsibility of your organization to vigorously condemn these statements and take punitive measures against Mr. Guillén.  If the Miami Marlins are to be respected in this community, your organization must stand with the Cuban-American exiled community and execute expedient punitive measures against Mr. Guillén which will rectify the situation. 

Members of the Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus and I will be expecting an imminent public apology from Mr. Guillén and be looking forward to further actions taken against him for his deplorable comments.


 State Senator René García