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Tim Pawlenty to Fox News: I'm out, Mitt Romney should pick Marco Rubio

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty told FOX News Channel's America's Newsroom that he's taken himself out of the running for vice president VP -- and that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. oughta be the pick. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has many good choices, Pawlenty said.

"Well I've taken my name off the list for Vice President so we should talk about Marco Rubio and the other great possibilities that Mitt Romney will have. Look when you put up Mitt Romney and whoever he picks against President Obama and his failed leadership and his failed economy I think that ticket on the Romney side is going to do very very well. I've taken my name off the list."

As for Rubio as a potential VP pick, here's what Pawlenty said:

"Well I think he’s going to be on everybody's list, all the pundits' lists, people who follow this for good reason. He's a very capable individual, a very gifted individual, he's got a compelling American story, he's incredible on policy. He comes from a big state with a lot of electoral votes from the swing state of Florida. So for all those reasons and more he is of course going to be on everybody's list of potential V.P. candidates and one of the leading candidates."