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Ethics panel drops sexual harassment case against former commissioner

Facing a sexual harassment accusation and three years in prison for bribery, former Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White got a break from the Florida Commission on Ethics Friday.

The panel voted 4-3 to dismiss its case against the commissioner because White is criminally convicted and no longer poses a threat to the public. The commission found probable cause last May that White was involved in a voting conflict and sexually harassed an aide.

“His name is forever besmirched,” said Chairman Robert Sniffen,at a meeting in the state’s Capitol building.

Commissioners decided it would waste taxpayer money to proceed, since  a jury convicted White on seven charges in November, including wire fraud, bribery and lying to the FBI.

A judge in March sentenced White to three years in prison to be followed by three years of supervised release.

White’s arrest came after he agreed to a $6,000 bribe to influence the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission he chaired, according to prosecutors. The businessman making the deal was an undercover FBI agent.