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FL Poll: Charlie Crist 48, Rick Scott 34% in 2014 matchup

From Tallahassee lobbyist Wayne Bertsch, who found a poll showing the current Republican governor could lose to the last one. Intriguing? Sure. Just remember Charlie Crist (who is not yet a Democrat) was heavily favored to win the 2010 Senate race before Marco Rubio chased him out of the Republican Party and then beat him in the general election.

Here's Bertsch:

Supposing for a moment that the election for governor of Florida was held today and the candidates were.... Rick Scott, running as the Republican.... and Charlie Crist, running as the Democrat candidate... which one would you vote for?

Rick Scott 34.1%

Charlie Crist 48.1%

Other 5.0%

Don't Know/Refused 12.8%

 To break the numbers down, obviously Republicans stick with Gov. Scott at 60.3% and garnering only 21.6 of the unaffiliated voters. The pop factor is that Gov. Charlie Crist grabs 74.2% of the Democrat vote and 52.2% of the unaffiliated voters.

 A few other breakdowns of interest:

African-Americans - 88.1% support Crist

Whites - 43.4% Crist, 39.4% Scott

Hispanic - 37.9% Scott, 35.3 Crist, while 23% stated Do Not Know.

 Gender: Crist leads Men 45% to Scott's 39%.  Women 51% support Crist to Scott's 30%.

 As for Age breakdowns, Crist led all categories: 18-29: 52% to 27%; 30-44: 44% to 38%; 45-59: 55% to 28%; 60+: 45% to 38%

 The information above was polled of likely registered Florida voters between May 23-25, 2012 of 802 respondents and a margin of error of +/- 3.46% by Florida Opinion Research. To learn more about Florida Opinion Research visit