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Hoping to raise $10m, Romney swings through FL and bashes Obama

Mitt Romney swung through Florida on Thursday, picking up more than $2 million in political contributions while bashing President Barack Obama as an ineffective leader.

Romney pointed out that, earlier in the day, the Senate scuttled the president’s budget.

“The number of Senators who voted for the Obama budget was zero.. He has shown a remarkable lack of leadership,” Romney said during an evening fundraiser at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

“This is an individual who has not been in a leadership capacity before and is learning on the job,” Romney said. “This vote is another example of people in Washington seeing that this president can not get the job done.”

While Romney’s speeches in South Florida and Tampa Bay were long on criticisms of Obama, they were short on specifics.

Romney’s attack on the president’s spending record left unclear how the former Massachusetts governor’s largely vague budget plans — cutting taxes and ramping up defense spending — will reign in the country’s deficit. He has avoided identifying tax loopholes he would eliminate or specifically where he would make dramatic budget cuts required to make a real dent in the deficit.

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