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Jim Greer, wife savages 'scumbag' Charlie Crist over extortion claim

Former Gov. Charlie Crist claimed that his former handpicked Republican Party Chair, Jim Greer, tried to extort him (background here). Greer's wife, Lisa, took to Facebook and savaged the former governor.

** Update: Greer himself also just chimed in

Here's Jim Greer: "As for the extortion claim, it's ridiculous. I was simply telling him man to man that our friendship was over, that I could not understand why he lied about the fundraising and the fact that I had done everything he directed me to do as Chairman of the Party, which now has cost me dearly. But most importantly, he was always wanting to know if I was "still on the team" and after he lied I was letting him know our friendship was over. One thing people used to tell me about Charlie that I never believed until the end is that loyalty is not a part of his make up once he no longer has a use for you, something my family and I sure found out the hard way. I do believe that if he had not been running for the Senate, he may have told the truth. But, at that time, he needed to do what Charlie does best, and that was to protect his own self interests, even if it cost his closest ally and friend everything."

Here's Lisa Greer: it is:

"So, a convicted felon and Charlie Crist whining like the girl that he is are the best the papers and others can come up with today to continue the bs campaign against my husband, even though sworn affadavits keep coming out that prove Charlie Crist and Party leadership ("I don't know how my signature got on that agreement"!) to be a bunch of liars. The only thing Jim can be found guilty of would be if it were a crime to trust in the lies and so called friendship of that scumbag Charlie Crist. The transcript and recording of the phone call have been released and there is no extortion there. Clearly FDLE agreed or they would have talked to Jim over a year ago. The truth of the matter is the phone call was the result of Charlie having his minions call Jim begging him not to include him in any book that he might write and indicating that he would " help" if this occured. Charlie will do and say anything to be somebody again (perhaps a run for Governor as a Democrat?). He cleary showed his lack of honor and character when he flip flopped on everything he once stood for in his desparate efforts near the end of his FAILED Senate campaign. Charlie, remember directing Jim to deliver Marco Rubio's AMEX statements in an unmarked envelope to the Miami Herald? I once loved and trusted Charlie Crist, I now know he would whore himself out to anyone that will put him in power again. I am sick of the games and lies, I have a family to protect and a precious baby girl on the way, the truth must come out to clear Jim's name. So go ahead Charlie, use what little juice you have left, why don't you make one of your cheesy, demeaning commercials to spread your lies. Jim Greer can't wait to face you and the rest of the Party in court, the truth will come out and Jim will be found not guilty on ALL counts."