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It's official: Steve MacNamara is a joke. A Tonight Show punchline, to be exact.

Remember when we said Rick Scott's chief of staff, Steve MacNamara, was the governor's biggest failure? Scott went on to defend MacNamara as story after story detailed how he helped his buddies. Finally, MacNamara quit.

Now, he's a punchline.

A Tonight Show punchline to be exact.

Jay Leno (who might have erred in implicating MacNamara's relatives) included the former staff chief in a monologue around 2:36 in the video below where he says: "And Steven MacNamara, the chief of staff for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, has resigned amid allegations that he steered lucrative state contracts to his friends and relatives. The people most upset about his resignation? His friends and relatives."


That's gotta hurt.