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Trayvon transcripts: Witness says Trayvon on top, Zimmerman's first words: "I shot this guy in self defense"

One of the first witnesses to call 911 indicated that the melee between Zimmerman and Trayvon moved through the complex.

“You could tell it was farther away from where it ended up in the grass area behind our townhomes right here,” the witness said. “It seemed like it was a lot farther away, ‘cause as time went on, it got closer. And you could really tell: Oh, I think that’s someone actually yelling Help! this time.”

He said he saw the two “wrestling.” And like other witnesses, he said it sounded like a dogfight – an indication of a savage squabble.

“I knew it was serious,” the witness said. “That’s when I said stop…. And they were still wrestling.”

As the man ducked inside his home to call 911, he said, it appeared Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman.

Then he heard the noise.

“It sounded like a rock hit a window,” he said. “I’ve never heard a gunshot before.”

Describing Trayvon, the witness said “the person that was actually on top at that point was laying in my grass kind of in a sprawled position – not moving. And then I saw another person with his hands in the air.”

That was Zimmerman. His first words, apparently, as neighbors started shining their flash lights: “The gun’s on the ground. I shot this guy in self defense.”

The witness was shaken up. “I think I stated ‘Holy shit, or something like that, I think he’s dead because he wasn’t moving. I was shaken up and everything….I’m pretty sure they flipped the body over to do CPR.”

When he looked outside his apartment again, he say “a yellow sheet or blanket” draped on Travon.

“After that,” he said, “it was pretty much giving statements the rest of the night, talking with my neighbors next door.”