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"Trayvoning," the latest internet meme/outrage

Picture 8Apparently three to five guys on Facebook hit a nerve, especially in African-American media, by posting pictures of themselves as if they're  a hoodie-clad and Skittles-and-ice-tea-clutching Trayvon Martin after the Miami Gardens 17 year old was shot by George Zimmerman Feb. 26 in Sanford.

There's another photo-shopped image of President Obama holding Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea.

The Grio said it found the Facebook page yesterday with this explanation:

Trayvoning is when you Images

1. get hoodie

2. get skittles

3. get arizona

4. wear hoodie

5. go to florida

6. get shot :) Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old African American male who was unarmed and got shot by a raciest [sic] mexican american.

Look out, planking, Tebowing or owling, Trayvoning has all the right ingredients (racial tension, sick humor and violence) to become a few-day sensation.

In response to this blog, Republican political consultant Rick Willson Tweeted/neologized this word: 'Memerage' n. A portmanteau word combining Internet 'memes' incl Photoshopping and captioning shit to piss people off."

Picture 6