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You want fries with that? Connie Mack campaign finds the funny spot. At Whataburger

The other day, Connie Mack's Senate campaign got a little too huffy and puffy over the story about Republican rival George LeMieux for the way he went about getting an interim Senate appointment in 2009 (story here).

Today, Team Mack got a sense of humor, playing up the details of a high-stakes meeting that LeMieux and other insiders had at a Tallahassee Whataburger at 1 a.m. The image is depressing: The cruel flourescent lights, the grease in the air, the late hour in a town that had hit REM sleep hours before. But the Mack press release is pretty funny:

What-a-tale – It’s What’s In the Whataburger George?

What Legitimate Business Warranted George LeMieux Demanding and Getting a 1:00 AM Meeting with Former RPOF Chair Jim Greer and Charlie Crist's Chief of Staff, Eric Eikenberg?
MIAMI – Startling revelations revealed over the past four days by the Tampa Tribune and the Times/Herald that George LeMieux allegedly exerted significant – and as of yet unexplained – significant pressure on Charlie Crist to appoint him to Florida’s vacant U.S. Senate seat.
The latest revelation came today, when the Tampa Bay Times / Miami Herald reported, “LeMieux was adamant that he deserved an interview, however, and met with Greer and Crist's chief of staff, Eric Eikenberg, at 1 a.m. at a Tallahassee Whataburger.”
Based on this new information, Mack Deputy Campaign Manager David James stated that a few simple questions should be asked of LeMieux, Crist, Eikenberg and Greer:
“Just exactly what was discussed at the 1:00 AM meeting at Whataburger, why were they there, who all really was there and what deals were made?”
Floridians may not know the full details of the meeting until the July trial of Jim Greer, which will likely feature George LeMieux sitting in front of the jury, but as Jim Greer said this week, "There's a lot more to this story and I'm not ready to tell it.”