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AFL-CIO endorses both Jacobs and Frankel in Congressional 22

The state AFL-CIO has co-endorsed Democratic rivals -- Kristin Jacobs and Lois Frankel -- in the Broward/Palm Beach Congressional District 22 race.

The co-endorsement means equal support for the candidates from central AFL-CIO bodies but allows local unions support their candidate of choice. The co-endorsement is unusual from the state union but it has happened before.

“The co-endorsement allows us to kind of agree as a family look we’ve got two excellent candidates in this race,” said Richard Templin, AFL-CIO legislative and political director.

Jacobs, a Broward County Commissioner, faces an uphill battle to catch up after jumping in nearly a year after Frankel, former West Palm Beach mayor and state legislator. Jacobs raised about $204,000 in her first quarter while Frankel has raised about $1.8 million throughout the race. Another challenge for Jacobs is geography: about 57 percent of the district is in Palm Beach County.

The winner is expected to face Boca Raton Republican Adam Hasner, a former House majority leader.

Currently U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-Plantation) represents the swing district but due to redistricting the electorate will lean Democratic and West is running in a district to the north instead.