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Board approves tuition hikes ranging from 9 to 15 percent

The Florida Board of Governors finally settled on tuition increases for the state's 11 universities after more two hours brokering.

The process wasn't pretty, seeming arbitrary and auction-like. At one point, board member Ava Parker put it this way: "There seems to be no method to our madness."

Yet, they continued. And here's the final roundup: 

University of Florida: 9 percent

University of South Florida: 11 percent

Florida State University: 13 percent

Florida Gulf Coast University: 12 percent

University of North Florida: 13 percent

Florida Atlantic University: 15 percent

University of West Florida: 14 percent

University of Central Florida: 15 percent

Florida A&M University: 12 percent

Florida International University: 15 percent

New College of Florida: 15 percent. 

 ~ Kim Wilmath, Tampa Bay Times