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Citizens United backs Dave Weldon, calls Connie Mack 'puppet'

The group that made "Super PAC" a household word is making its presence known in Florida's Republican Senate race. It likes former Congressman Dave Weldon and isn't a big fan of current Congressman and frontrunner Connie Mack.

Will Citizens United back up the rhetoric with real Super PAC cash? We'll see. 

Read the press release after the jump.

Orlando, FL – Today, Dr. Dave Weldon received the national endorsement of the Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF) – the affiliated PAC of Citizens United.  

Dr. Weldon issued the following statement: 

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Citizens United.  Momentum is truly growing for this campaign because Floridians are beginning to see they now have an authentic conservative in this race.  Groups like Citizens United know that while I was in Congress, we were able to balance the budget, reform the welfare program – and still create a surplus.  And my time as a doctor in the private sector has opened my eyes to where this country is headed because of Obamacare. 

I agree with many Floridians who feel like this country is in free fall – but I remain optimistic about our future because we were able to right the ship before and I know we can do it again.” 

CUPVF contributed $10,000 total – $5,000 each for Weldon’s primary and general elections. And CUPVF issued the following statement supporting Dr. Dave Weldon in the Republican primary for Florida’s U.S. Senate election: 

Citizens United President David N. Bossie said, “Dr. Dave Weldon is a Christian conservative who has been a champion of the conservative movement for decades. Conservatives in Florida deserve a candidate who can go toe to toe with Bill Nelson and defeat him in November - now they finally have one in Dr. Dave Weldon.  Connie Mack is a puppet of the establishment who does not have the high moral caliber that Dr. Weldon displays every day.  I urge all conservative Republicans in Florida to support Dr. Dave Weldon in the upcoming primary because he will be a U.S. Senator they can be proud of who will never let them down.”