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Florida's 2011 bestiality ban has a loophole

The Legislature's 2011 ban on bestiality has a loophole, and it will spare one Pinellas man accused of having sex with a dog from criminal charges.

In the first case referred to the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office, the suspect will not be charged because the law does not forbid oral sex.

From the Tampa Bay Times story:

Clearwater police began investigating 29-year-old Eric Antunes earlier this year when they received a tip that he possessed child pornography. Antunes admitted to downloading and watching it on his computer, police said after his arrest.

Investigators searched his computer and said they found child pornography. In his cell phone, they discovered six photos of Antunes performing sexual acts with Ruby, a three-legged dog that belongs to his girlfriend, Katerina Williamson.

Antunes had worked as a contract employee at the Pinellas County Humane Society and Williamson was medical director there. She left that post days after Antunes was arrested May 1.

Assistant State Attorney Beverly Andringa said her office declined to prosecute Antunes for bestiality because, out of the six photographs found on his cell phone, only one "would meet the strict criteria of the statute."

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