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Marco Rubio threatens long arm of the IRS in wake of health care decision

Following today's U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., threatened a downturn in the economy and a world where the IRS would "chase you around" for payment if you don't buy health insurance.

"Guess who you have to prove to that you have insurance? Your neighborhood, friendly IRS. Millions of Americans now have an IRS problem, because they don't have health insurance," Rubio said on the Senate floor Thursday.

He cited examples of people who would be fined $1,100 if they didn't buy a $1,600 insurance policy.

"My friends, this is a middle class tax increase," Rubio said of the mandate that the court upheld Thursday. "And millions of Americans now have an IRS problem. You will now have to for the first time in American history prove that you have health insurance or you will have to deal with the IRS.

Here's a helpful chart explaining how the mandate works and who would be penalized if they don't buy health insurance.

Rubio also acknowledged that the greater problem is the affordability and availability of health insurance, particularly for people who don't have access to it through their workplace. He said he wished more Americans could get health insurance the way Congress does. "You get to choose. Most Americans don't have that choice."