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Rubio predicts backlash as 'millions of Americans now have an IRS problem'

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio told CNN on Thursday that the SCOTUS ruling on health care reform is  "a loss for America." He conceded that the Supreme Court's role wasn't to determine if it was a good idea, rather if it was constitutional.

But because it's constitutional, he said, "millions of Americans may now have an IRS problem because of this ruling."

He also suggested that becuase there will be differences between the states, "if you don’t like the policies of a state you could easily go to another state."

He suggested "this has turned the IRS into an enforcement mechanism for Obamacare."

Rubio also told CNN that because this is now considered a tax, it is a broken promise by President Obama, who said he wasn't going to raise taxes on the middle class.  

"This law is the culmination of a series of broken promises,'' he said. "Just wait until Americans start realizing they have to prove to the IRS that they have health insurance or they are going to get hit with an IRS fine…you’re going to see those numbers move really quick."

"A tax penaltiy enforced by the IRS…is not good for our economy,'' he said. "We desparately do need to confront the health insurance problem in America. This is just the wrong way to do it."