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Video: How Rick Scott found out he was dead

Rick Scott was shocked. He was dead.

Or at least that’s what he was told when he went to cast an early vote ballot in 2006 at Naples City Hall.

“You can’t vote because you’re dead,” Scott — who’s now embroiled in a voter-purge controversy as Florida governor — recalls a poll worker saying. “You passed away, according to our voter rolls.”

So Scott pulled out his driver’s license and insisted he was alive.

“I showed them my ID,” Scott said. “They let me vote provisionally. I’m sure it counted.”

It did — twice — according to Collier County voting records that show he cast back-to-back provisional ballots in the Republican primary and general elections six years ago.

For Scott, the experience helped bolster his feeling that provisional ballots aren’t all bad, contrary to the fears of liberal-leaning voting-rights advocates who have bashed Scott’s push to purge the Florida voting rolls of noncitizens.

About 100 have been spotted and nearly half might have cast ballots. More than 500 flagged as potential noncitizens have shown they’re actual citizens entitled to vote.

Even if actual citizens wind up getting removed amid the noncitizen purge, Scott notes they can still cast provisional ballots. Those are tabulated after Election Day and can be thrown out by a three-member canvassing board.

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