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Bondi stumps for Romney over weekend

Attorney General Pam Bondi spent Saturday traveling around New Hampshire on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. During her remarks at a handful of stops, Bondi praised Romney's record and took jabs at President Barack Obama.

Her agenda included a women's breakfast in Concord and visits to campaign field offices in Bedford and Stratham, according to news reports.

Here is video taken of Bondi's Bedford stop taken by BedfordPatch. On it, she slams the president for golfing and campaigning and not meeting with his Jobs Council. She also criticized Obama's "you didn't build that" comment about businesses that utilize government assistance.

"How do you go around saying that?" Bondi told the group. "Our president actually said that. What a complete insult that is to every man and woman who has built a business on their own."

(She didn't mention that many business owners the Republican party has tapped to criticize that comment have actually received government contracts or assistance.)

Bondi's visibility on the campaign trail has led to speculation that she is on the short list for being picked as his running candidate. Business Insider published a story Saturday that asks whether her visit to New Hampshire meant Romney was testing Bondi out.

According to Business Insider, here is why Bondi may be on Romney's short list:

-She's a woman. And she's young. While the Romney campaign is said to be looking for experience and gravitas, there are obvious demographic advantages to picking someone who can appeal to women and young people.
-She's from Florida. Bondi could give Romney a much-needed advantage in the crucial swing state.
-She tried to take down Obamacare — and almost won. Bondi was the lead attorney general in the lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act. With her as VP, Romney would have one less problem to deal with.
-She's really pretty.

But the Business Insider also says Bondi's marital past, including two divorces and a last-minute postponement of a planned Memorial Day wedding, were negatives.

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