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Fueled by Super PACs, GOP/Romney outspend Dems/Obama by $11m in FL, $51m in US

The Washington Post's Fix blog has a must-read on the big dollars, many of them secret and tough-to-track, flowing into the political system across the nation and in Florida from third-party political committees. It's of particular significance in Florida, a must-win state for Republican Mitt Romney, where a candidate dies if he's not advertising. Unless, of course, someone else is advertising for him.

Put all the cash together, a Republican said, and Republicans are outspending Democrats by $11 million so far in Florida ($36 million-$25 million) and $51 million across the country ($179-$128 million). That's a boon not just to Romney but to Senate candidate and Fort Myers Rep. Connie Mack, who's facing Sen. Bill Nelson in a tight race.

A caveat: It's still kind of early (although pre-season is ending), there's a saturation point where a cash advantage has diminishing returns and it appears in Florida that Obama has a pretty significant and sophisticated ground game that will giveRomney and the Republicans fits.

From The Fix:

In Florida, outside conservative groups have spent $32 million on ads ($23 million of that is from American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS) while Romney has spent just more than $4 million. Obama’s campaign has dumped $20 million on ads in Florida, but Democratic outside groups have spent just $4.6 million. Add it up, and Romney/GOP groups have spent $36 million on ads in the Sunshine State, as compared to $25 million for Obama/Democratic groups.

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