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Gator's the state reptile; Bill Nelson's the "state liberal," pro-Connie Mack PAC says in ad welcoming Obama to FL

Freedom PAC welcomes President Obama to Florida today with a light-hearted ad that calls Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson the "state liberal." The PAC, which supports Republican challenger Connie Mack, says the ad is running in select markets, which will could include Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and Orlando (where Obama is visiting).

The script: "President Obama is taking a break from his liberal agenda to visit Florida... Here's a few things you should know - The state flower is the Orange Blossom. The state reptile is the Alligator. The state tree is the Palm. And the state liberal... is Senator Bill Nelson. Nelson voted for ObamaCare and chose to side with President Obama 98% of the time. Now, you have a choice - support Connie Mack for US Senate."

One little visual error: The ad shows a coconut palm when talking about the state tree. The actual symbol is a the less-iconic-looking sabal palm.

Here's a pic of the sabal palm for all y'all in the upper 48: Picture 7