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In new ad, Miami Commission Chairman Francis Suarez backs Adam Kravitz for Florida House

The four hopefuls vying to represent the new Miami Beach-based District 113 in the Florida House also have to appeal to largely Hispanic voters in the mainland enclave of Little Havana.

So candidate Adam Kravitz recruited a friend to introduce himself to Spanish speakers: Miami City Commission Chairman Francis Suarez. Suarez is a Republican, albeit in a nonpartisan post. Kravitz is a Democrat. The two share a campaign consultant, Jeffrey Garcia.

In a new television spot, Suarez appears at the window of a Cuban coffee shop urging viewers to support Kravitz, who appears typing in front of a computer. As Suarez talks, an image of Rebecca Towers, an affordable housing facility, fades onto the screen.

"Adam Kravitz is a successful businessman," Suarez says. "But more important is his commitment o guarantee funds for the programs that have sustained our community. As a commissioner who works every day for your interests, it's good to know he will too."

Kravitz then appears standing next to Suarez and says, in Spanish, "Thank you for your vote."