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Karl Rove's Crossroads Generation getting notice in FL. But is it 'a clown group, bro'?

XroadsA 20-something from Florida alerts us to the increasing regularity of Facebook ads of the anti-President Obama group Crossroads Generation, which has produced a few eye-catching ads and info sheets bashing the Democrat, who overwhelmingly won the youth vote in 2008.

Obama is poised to do the same with young voters again, but will they turn out in the same numbers? Crossroads Generation hopes not. Hence the ad, which say nothing about Republican Mitt Romney.

The latest ad (below) garnered about 66 comments so far. Almost all of them bashing the ads and the group.

It started off well with Facebook user Brian Smith writing "I like it! It''s concise and in an easily digestible format that people can comprehend and analysis quickly!"

He was largely alone. A sampling:

"This page deserves as much trolling as it can possibly get," Aaron Tyler wrote

"You're a clown group, bro," Brian S. Earman wrote.

"Don't listen to Right Wing Facebook Front Groups," wrote Louis Leo IV