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Mitt Romney's FL ad bashes Obama stimulus as payoffs to pals (but there's a Finnish problem)

While President Obama's reelection campaign makes scant mention of his $787 billion stimulus plan, Republican Mitt Romney is happy to fill in the void. Polls indicate the plan isn't so popular and, obviously, it failed to keep the state and nation's unemployment rate from climbing above 8 percent.

A nit: The ad says stimulus money went to make "electric cars from Finland." But it probably didn't, according to Politifact. The company, Fisker, got a federal loan guarantee that wasn't connected to the stimulus and its appliaction was made under President Bush. Still, the loan program received $10 million for administrative expenses via the stimulus. So some stimulus money could have supported Fisker indirectly.

Why the Romney camp couldn't stick to Solyndra isn't clear.

Here's the Romney campaign ad, which is now running in Florida. (Note: the ad was announced last week, but the Romney campaign refuses to say if its ads are running in our battleground state. So until we can confirm, we're holding off on blogging every ad):