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Connie Mack links Akin's 'legitimate rape' with Biden's 'chains.' What about 'forcible rape?'

Florida Senate candidate Connie Mack joined the GOP chorus in condemning the remarks of fellow GOP Congressman Todd Akin, who had said he opposes rape-and-incest exceptions to an abortion ban because pregnancy is nearly impossible in cases of "legitimate rape."

But Mack didn't stop there. He drew a link with Vice-President Joe Biden's "put y'all in chains" comment last week, which many (mainly Republicans) see as race-baiting.

The press release:

Responding to outrageous and offensive comments made in the past week by Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Todd Akin, Congressman Connie Mack made the following statement:

"Like Joe Biden's comments last week, I find Todd Akin's comments made Sunday to be just as outrageous and offensive. Such insulting and offensive remarks from Joe Biden and Todd Akin have no place in our political discourse."

Mack, incidentally, was one of 277 cosponsors (almost all Republican, including Akin) of H.R. 3, No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. One version of the act used the phrase "forcible rape." Abortion-rights groups objected strenuously. And now they're drawing a connection between the "forcible rape" phrase and "legitimate rape." DNC Chair/Broward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz linked GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan with the bill and Akin's remarks last night.

Obviously, more to come.