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Cuidado! Zombie ballot-brokers stalk the land

In Hialeah, zombies lurk behind the absentee ballots.

That is the caustic pre-recorded telephone message delivered this week to alert Hialeah voters about a boletera, or absentee-ballot bundler, who had gone around promoting the campaigns of Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez and state Rep. Eddy González, R-Hialeah.

The satirical attack, playing off the gruesome "Causeway Cannibal" attack that occured in Miami on Memorial Day, shows how opponents of Giménez and González have taken advantage of the absentee-ballot scandal that erupted two weeks ago in Hialeah. Authorities have accused Deisy Pentón de Cabrera, 56, of forging the signature on an absentee ballot and collecting other people’s ballots. The candidates deny that she worked for their campaigns.

“In this election, Miami is living in times of zombies. Be careful, day or night you might receive an unexpected visitor,” a man’s voice intones in Spanish with musical drums in the background.

In the message, after hearing a knock on the door, an old woman asks who is it, and a sinister woman’s voice responds: “I am the boletera of Carlos Giménez and Eddy González, and I am here to get your ballot.”

Then a man adds: “In this election, beware of the boletera of Carlos Giménez and Eddy González and be careful with your ballot.”

The message was paid for by Citizens for a Reality Check, an electoral communications organization (ECO) being used to attack certain campaigns. Sasha Tirador, a political strategist who also manages the campaigns of Giménez’s and González’s opponents, has been paid by the ECO.

Gonzalez's attorney, J.C. Planas, sued the committee, Tirador and her employee, Maykal Balboa, who is running against Balboa. A judge Friday refused to strip Balboa from the ballot or to stop the committee from advertising.

Only one station is running the ad. The others are concerned about its legality.

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