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Down with women, Hispanics, RNC’s Priebus talks ground game, ‘bragging’ strategy

The latest CNN/Time Florida poll shows President Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney 50-46%, a Democrat lead bolstered by a 54-42% edge among women and a big lead among minorities. That’s on top of a Quinnipiac Florida poll that showed Obama leading Romney 49-46%, in which Hispanics favor the Democrat over the Republican 61-31%.

Yet the Republican National Committee’s big speakers, by and large, are Hispanics and women. What gives?

“We’ve had a lot of success with Hispanic candidates,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. “We’ve done a lousy job of bragging on it. And we need to do a better job of bragging on the successes that we’ve had….”

“You have to at least give us that right now in 2012, our topline messaging, we’re in a much better place today than we were four years ago. We know that… We know that we’re in a much better place. We know that we’ve got better messengers in our party today than in 2008 – whether it be (Florida Sen.) Marco (Rubio), (New Mexico Gov.) Susana Martinez, (Nevada Gov.) Sandoval. One of the guys we don’t brag up enough: (Gov.) Luis Fortuño in Puerto Rico. So we’ve got better message,  better messengers…”

“Our job is to put this army on the ground. And the army on the ground is by communicating and targeting Hispanic voters, that we would have victory directors that are focused in on Hispanic operations in Florida, that we would have victory centers in Kissimmee and Hialeah, that when it comes to vote goals and absentee-ballot mail that we would say ‘Listen in Kissimmee, we want you to get 2,000 AB ballots in the mail this week, 2,500 the next week.’ My point is, what we do is we build up the army on the ground and that goes to both the Hispanic community, the Greek community, females, men, everybody. And I just think we’re in a better position today.”