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Florida Purple Poll: Obama-Romney tied 47-48% -- and tied 45-44% over protecting Medicare(!)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate looks like a safe choice right now in Florida and other swing states, according to a new survey from Purple Poll.

Most intriguing in Florida: Romney's ticket is deadlocked with President Obama's over Medicare, 44-45%, even though Ryan is the father of he so-called "Ryan plan," which Democrats hae villified for two years for "ending Medicare." It doesn't. But the plan does end Medicare's traditional structure starting in 2022 by giving new recipients a voucher-like premium, the growth rate of which would be capped. That could lead to more out of pocket expenses for seniors.

Still, the numbers indicate the public-relations problems with ObamaCare, which fired up the right in 2010, trimmed $700 billion from future Medicare expenses and caused seniors to leave Democratic candidates in droves.

Overall, the tickets are tied as well. Obama gets 47% and Romney 48%.

Ryan is also the only politician at the top of the ticket who's viewed more favorably than less favorably.

Give it time. That'll change in this mean season. So will the Medicare numbers. But which way?

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