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Gov. Rick Scott vague about if state needs a new law to tackle absentee ballot fraud

At a Staples store in Lauderhill Friday, Gov. Rick Scottbriefly responded to reporters’ questions about absentee ballot fraud after his photo opp shopping for school supplies that will go to low-income children in Broward.

But Scott’s answers were vague and a spokesperson for Scott only allowed a few voting-related questions before she cut the press conference short and Scott was led away to take another photo with Staples employees before being whisked away into a car.

When asked about the news about the absentee ballot fraud in Miami-Dade and state attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle stepping aside from that case leaving an appointment in his hands, he said “we’ll take a look at it.” He said he wouldn’t appoint a special prosecutor on Friday but didn’t say exactly when he would appoint one.

Scott stuck to generalities -- saying that he wanted to make sure noncitzens don’t vote and repeatedly said he wants to “make sure our elections are honest and fair.”

But he didn’t show any alarm or appear to be working on any proposals for reform. Scott said that the system appears to be working -- which perhaps was a reference to the arrest in the Miami-Dade absentee ballot fraud case. When asked if his staff was researching a proposal for the Legislature to address absentee ballot fraud he said “the Secretary of State’s office will be reviewing it.”