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Hialeah game of thrones: Rep. Eddy Gonzalez sues rival campaign consultant who says she'll sue him.

Hialeah Rep. Eddy Gonzalez is suing veteran campaign consultant Sasha Tirador, claiming in a just-filed lawsuit that she broke elections law.

Gonzalez's suit, filed by former Rep. J.C. Planas, said Tirador's third-party elections group, Citizens for a Reality Check, violated campaign rules by explicitly telling people in an ad to vote against Gonzalez. Tirador's group, an electioneering communication organization, is allowed to inform people about a candidate but technically can't say vote for or against someone.

Tirador said the group took the ad down and re-spun it so that it didn't tell people to vote against him.

She said she planned to sue Gonzalez because he said he has been endorsed by four Hialeah-area politicians who didn't endorse him. She also performed a robo-call telling voters in Spanish that Gonzalez falsely claimed he has the support of U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who hasn't weighed in on the race.

Gonzalez mentions in his suit that Tirador neglected to disclose she was making a paid-political call.

Tirador's call also accused Gonzalez of being linked to Deisy Cabrera, a ballot broker who has been criminally charged with absentee-ballot fraud. Gonzalez said it was a false and slanderous charge.

Another twist: Tirador's client who's facing Gonzalez, Miguel Balboa, is also her employee at her consulting business. Another client of hers, Mary Collins, is running for a Miami Lakes city commission seat where Gonzaelz's aide, Manny Cid, is running.

"This isn't revenge," Tirador said. "There is the right to run for democratic. This is not the game thrones."

Behind the scenes is longtime consultant David Custin, who had a falling out with Tirador. Custin works for Gonzalez.

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