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Miami New Times reports El Palacio de los Jugos owner has criminal record

Miami New Times reported Monday that Mitt Romney made a campaign stop at El Palacios de los Jugos, a popular eatery owned by a man who was convicted 13 years ago of cocaine distribution.
In the story published on its website on Monday, the weekly newspaper said "Mittens [Mitt Romney] will be hobnobbing with a convicted cocaine smuggler."
The popular fresh fruit and vegetable business is owned by Reinaldo Bermudez, who served three years in federal prison after pleading guilty in 1999 to one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, the newspaper reported.
Bermudez told Miami New Times that the Secret Service was aware of his past conviction. "They absolutely knew about my record," Bermudez told the newspaper. "The Secret Service checked everything. [The conviction] was not a problem. Everybody deserves a second chance."
Romney's campaign did not return a call for comment from the newspaper.
Here's link to the Miami New Times story: