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Rick Scott to cancel Monday RNC speech due to TS Isaac. RNC cancels Monday events, too

**Update: RNC cancelled all of Monday's events.

With Tropical Storm Isaac threatening to become a hurricane as it heads for the Florida Keys, the last thing Gov. Rick Scott wants to do is give a political speech at the Republican National Convention. So he cancelled his Monday speech.

But what about the rest of the convention in Tampa? Chances are, Tampa won't get whacked with sustained tropical storm-force winds. But heavy winds and gusts could pose a serious problem. So could a storm surge -- especially if Isaac becomes a hurricane.

In that case, the storm could pose serious transportation problems that would snarl the transportation system and make it tough to move delegates.

And, as with Scott, there's the issue of optics. If Republican donors and delegates are seen whooping and partying it up as Floridians are left in the dark due to downed powerlines, it just might not look good. So don't be surprised if the first day of the convention is canceled Monday as well.

We'll know more at 6:45 p.m. when Mitt Romney consultant Russ Schriefer, who's handling RNC logistics, holds a conference call. Chances are, there are more cancellations coming.