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The show will go on in Tampa, Scott continues to assure

Gov. Rick Scott continued to hammer home his message Friday that the state is "open for business" and that Tropical Storm Isaac isn't an imminent threat to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

He hasn't talked with tourism officials today, he said after a storm briefing in Tallahassee. But he's constantly in touch with cities and counties around the state to assess their needs and make sure they can offer shelter and emergency services if need be, he said.

The state's meteorology team has compiled brochures for the delegates to educate them on riptides and on "tropical storm watches and warnings" and "hurricane watches and warnings."

"There'll be a little wind and a little rain," he said with slight smile. "But everyone will also see how nice people in Florida are."

Scott said he still plans to be in Tampa Sunday, but that could change with the weather forecast.