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Why is Sen. Bill Nelson reminding us of who he is?

Sen. Bill Nelson released his first campaign ad of the political season called "40 years." An alternate name might be: "Remember me?"

The ad, well produced and hitting all the centrist notes he likes to stress, is almost on par with an introductory ad from a political unknown, which is odd considering he has held office on and off for about, well, 40 years.

But there's a reason Nelson needs to remind people of who he is and what he has done: He has been shredded by about $7 million worth of negative ads from conservative third-party groups that want Republican Rep. Connie Mack to win and help put the Senate back in GOP hands. Nelson clings to a slim lead in the polls. The race is a toss-up right now. If it wasn't, Nelson would be saving his money.

Don't expect the nice guy stuff to last, either. This is the first ad from Nelson. He has bought at least two weeks of air time and, perhaps, more. He's spending at least $1 million and could triple that. And, at a certain point, he's going to start tearing away at Mack (stuff we told you about yesterday).

Here's the spot