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MoveOn tries to turn Romney's wannabe-Latino joke into TV-ad outrage Political Action and PresentePAC say they're putting this ad up on Florida TV (it's in English below but also runs in Spanish) that plays off Romney's Boca Raton quip that he wished he were Hispanic so he could do better in the election.

The Spanish version of the ad will air on Spanish-language TV in Florida, Colorado, and Nevada, the groups said. It begins airing Thursday and will run in Las Vegas, Denver, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. "We’re not laughing, Gov. Romney," a Latina woman (and Move On member) says in the ad. "Because regardless of race a presidential candidate who has such contempt for Latinos would never deserve our support."

What they don't mention: Romney's joke started with Spanish-language TV personality Jorge Ramos, who in January playfully asked Romney if he could be considered Mexican-American because Romney's father was born in Mexico. More here on that.