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"Super Sabado" announced by Mitt Romney's Miami team

From a press release:

Tomorrow in Miami, the Romney for President campaign will have volunteers on the ground walking door to door to spread the message of America’s Comeback Team — Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Hispanics face a 10.2% unemployment rate and are especially suffering under the Obama economy.  They are not better off after four years of Obama’s failed economic policies and are suffocating under a $16 trillion debt that we cannot afford.  That’s why Hispanics across the Sunshine State are supporting Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan.

The following events are open to the press:

 WHAT:                                   Romney for President Super Sabado

 WHO:                                      Romney for President Volunteers

 WHEN:                                   Saturday, September 15, 2012

 WHERE:                                 10 am ET at 8532 SW 8th Street, Suite 289, Miami

                                                11:30 am ET at 5600 SW 135th Avenue, Suite 207, Miami