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Video lookback: Charlie Crist's complicated relationship with President Obama, the stimulus and the GOP

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist takes the stage tonight at the Democratic National Convention where he'll be showcased as a person whose party left him as it lurched to the "extreme" right.

It's true that Crist tried to govern from the center, however he only left the party when he faced the prospect of losing a Republican GOP Senate race against Marco Rubio. He then went on to lose in the general election in 2010.

The killer: Crist's support for the stimulus. Not only did the bailout prove unpopular, Crist had an inconsistent relationship with it and with Obama. Crist sometimes championed the stimulus, other times he bashed it. Sometimes it depended on the week, or which reporter he spoke with.

Below is a video of Crist explaining his waffling over the stimulus and a stimulus-bashing ad he later produced that was today unearthed by the Republican Party of Florida, which boosted Crist and is now tearing him down. Also below are two videos of the day before he left the GOP, when he refused to say he was doing so.




Crist's last day as a Republican, Pt 1





Crist's last days as a Republican, Pt 2